Product research

Trend analysis which allows to select a strategy for working with retail chains on FMCG market. The depth and width of analysis can cover every chain for selected category, using Romir Scan Panel data.


Simulation of customers' choice based on STEP TEST method of purchase forecasting in competitive environment, including the Romir Test Lab


Product concepts evaluation and selection of the most potentially successful concept through consumer attitudes study. Quantitative research methods allow to assess target audience expectations, while qualitative research methods allow to assess the relevance of the target audience. 


Successful product naming. Evaluation of product names can be conducted both in lab and retail environments.


Price range evaluation for each product category based on the current market situation can be conducted both in lab and retail environments.


Assessment of product physical characteristics to improve existing product or develop a new product. Possible to conduct in the Laboratory.

r-SCAN Price Monitoring

Target market price monitoring in Russian retail networks located in large cities. Due to its longitudinal nature, Romir Scan Panel allows to analyse current and historical data.