Romir Scan Panel

Romir Single Source Panel (SSP) is a unique product of Romir team, focused on the cross analysis of all types of consumption: consumption of goods and services, media and Internet consumption. This is the research of TV, radio and mobile Internet consumption of more than 4 000 people with the use of the specialized software and technical solutions. The participants of SSP are the residents of the cities with population over 100 000 people, aged 14 y.o. and older.

On mobile devices of all participants the special software is installed. It records the interaction with media channels via ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology, the mobile Internet consumption, fact and duration of mobile app usage. Besides, the plugin for information gaining is installed on panelists' PCs and laptops. 

Availability of such data allows to recognize patterns and relations between media consumption, Internet behavior and consumption of goods and services; to track purchases before and after ad campaigns, to evaluate its efficiency. 

Experience has shown that the media-buying efficiency can be significantly increased if the advertizing targeting will be performed by behavioral characteristics of the target audience, not socio-demographic characteristics. This approach increases the efficiency of costs for media-advertisment by 30-60% that allows to cut advertising budgets or to roll out more large-scale campaigns under the same budget base.

Due to the cross data on media, goods and services consumption, we know almost everything about the customers: 

  • Who are they? (sex, age, income, marital status, etc.)
  • Where do they live? (region, city, district)
  • What is their lifestyle? (pets, summer house, vehicle, etc.)
  • What do they buy? (what brand, price, amount)
  • Where do they buy? (what channel, name of the point)
  • What are their media preferences? (Internet, TV, radio, etc.)

SSP allows to tackle the following tasks:

  • Gaining of cumulative reach of in-home and out-of-home media consumption of real customers;
  • Identification of media preferences of the customers on a basis of real purchases;
  • Creating of effective mediamix on the target audience;
  • Evaluation of the conversion from OTS into the attraction and the retention of the customers, measuring of the advertizing campaign's influence on the conversion change, based on real purchases;
  • Advertizing campaign targeting on the real buyers of a category or a brand;
  • Revealing of the barriers at every stage of the customer journey;
  • Advertizing (ATL and BTL) investment evaluation on a basis of ROI: when and how do the investment work, how long does it retain the efficiency, when does it stop working, what is the final effect on the investment;
  • Selling of customer segments for the buying of the ad inventory in the Internet ;
  • Total influence of the advertisng and other market variables – price, promotions, outlet, household/shopper.