We use sensus, segmentation of PoS, instore and retail audit as the methods of service control at customer contact points. Only the auditors, corporate professionally trained employees, handle these jobs. It gives an opportunity to see and assess the staff's work, to identify any departures  in due time and to plan a required loyalty level.

Types of audits:

  • Sensus
    • Sensus of all Points of sale, where a specific type of goods is sold, in the territory provided.
    • Gathering of all necessary information and establishing of the final database.
    • Transformation of the client's database into the strategic infrastructure.
  • Segmentation.
    • Segmentation of Points of Sale by potential for the category.
    • Sales strategy updating in a Point os Sale.
    • Optimization of the staff's route by the number of staff, Points of Service, general taken time.
  • Instore Audit.
    • Questionnaire construction with specifying of KPI, having different weight, and targets (at point/format/division level).
    • Comprehensive KPI evaluation.
    • Presense of SKU/APP/POSM audit.
    • Measurement of producer's shelf share in the category.
    • Price monitoring.
    • PoS equipment audit.
    • Monitoring pf merchandise standards.
    • Promo tracking
  • Retail Audit. Gathering of sales value & sales volume in the category at SKU level.