Brand and communication
r-Ad Effect

This research model is based on the advertising contact and allows us to evaluate the advertising campaign influence on the brand health (brand awareness, attitude, purchase intention), evaluate creativity and its elements effect on the advertising campaign; assess the media plan efficiency through the quantitative research methods.


Integrated solution for BTL campaigns that offers promotion visibility assessment and evaluation of an ongoing campaign using quantitative research methods and Mystery shopping.


Advertisement testing and identification of successful and distracting ad elements. This solution employs quick and efficient online data collection, which allows our clients to implement timely ad adjustments.


Ad concept/materials testing at development stage is based on the qualitative research methods. The study explores products' correspondence with the needs and expectations of
the target audience and provides data that can be used to create clear and attractive ads. 


Assessing behavior differences in online and offline retail audience allows to evaluate the efficiency of Internet advertisement and to identify successful Internet promotion strategy. This solution is based on the Scan Panel data.


This brand promotion effectiveness evaluation solution is based on comparing brand market prices to market promotion prices. This solution is based on the Scan Panel data.

r-SCAN Basic

Romir Scan Panel is unique tool which gathers longitudinal data on Russian household consumption to establish trend dynamics in FMCG market.


Tracking research projects are designed in order to provide information about brand KPI dynamics on a regular basis using qualitative research methods.