We provide consulting services on a basis of the usage of a wide range of our research products as well as open analytical data on markets, segments and brands (Research based consulting).

Wide knowledge, 35-years experience of ongoing Russian market research and work consulting experience have allowed to develop a comprehensive approach to solving of managerial and marketing business challenges at multiple levels.

Our consulting approach is a holistic outlook to a company and its environment at different angles to allow the best advice on the current internal and external position. 

Marketing and sales

Subject matter: brand, its marketing mix and customer service. It is based on the consumer research of brand and its truth perception, process quality research (Mystery shopping) and cusomer satisfaction research.

  • Development of brand DNA.
  • Positioning conceptualization.
  • Development of a strategy for customer capture and loyalty.
  • Research of a decision-making chain and revealing of decision-makers (for B2B markets).
  • Marketing investment appraisal.

Human resources (inner infrastructure and personnel)

Subject matter: : internal hierarchy, different employee levels; external hierarchy, partners and dealers. It is based on HR brand audit, employees satisfaction research and talent review.

  • Development of a comprehensive system of talent review, implementation of suitable KPIs.
  • Development of business incentives for employees.
  • Development of loyalty programs for dealers and partners.

Public relations

Subject matter: brand or company in external environment (GR, media, investors, partners, etc.). It is based on the reputation audit among influence groups and audit of citation index, monitoring of tone and number of materials.

  • Development and/or audit of PR or communication strategy.

Company, business and business-unit management

Subject matter: market, industry. It is based on the market position research.

  • Development and audit of a business plan.
  • Forecasting and planning of profit (in value and volume) in mid- and long-terms. 
  • Investment attractiveness analysis.
  • Appraisal of investment in business development.
  • Preparation of business for external audit outgoing.