Consumer and category

Sociodemographic profiling of category/producer/brand
real buyers. Research on differences between consumers and buyers allows to determine the target audience of a product. It also enables to make meaningful conclusions about the suitability of selected marketing strategy in the company, using Romir Scan Panel data.



Complex market research which allows to examine consumers' attitude towards different goods/brands, to perform segmentation of consumers, etc. Our clients can respond to the challenges of business environment based on our analysis of consumer behaviour and consumer habits. Depending on a target group structure, we choose the best practice – personal, phone or online interviews.


Combination of traditional focus groups and non-traditional qualitative approaches, developed by Romir experts, allows to get a full understanding of product or category perception from the eyes of consumers. Our research allows our clients to forecast the result, to exercise the best practice of decision-making and draw conclusions about further development strategy.

r-Life Cycles

Assessment of buyer group impact on the development of a category/brand; assistance on choosing potential target audience in strategic planning; demonstration of unoccupied niches at FMCG markets with the use of the Scan panel instruments.