Romir Scan Panel

Romir Consumer Scan Panel is Romir's own signature unique system solution. The aim of the research is to collect and analyze the trend data on the consumption of urban households. It was launched in 2007. Verified data has been provided to customers since January 2008.

Paremeters and capabilities of Consumer Scan Panel

The research covers more than 40 000 consumers in more than 220 cities of Russia with the population over 10 000 people. Sample design, in addition to the geographical stratification, is controlled by additional parameters, such as household size and composition, per capita income. The sample allows to represent the following research objects:

  • all Russian population;
  • each particular strata:
    • strata А (cities of 1 million people and more),
    • strata В (cities with the population from 500K to 1 million people),
    • strata С (cities with the population from 100K to 500K people),
    • strata D (cities with the population from 10K to 100K people);
    • strata E (cities with the population less than 10 thousand people);
  • every Federal District;
  • Moscow, St. Petersburg and othe million-plus cities taken separately.

An average of 600 000 purchases are registered every week. Consumer Scan Panel data design includes the name and parameters of the purchased good; purchase price; price promo; purchase time; usage of a loyalty card while purchasing; place of purchase (including the description of the PoS: type, status, location, type of service); detailed socio-demographic and other characteristics of the buyer and consumer of the good; type of consumption (at home, in the country, consumption on the run, in cafes/restaurants, in the car, at work).

Obtained data allows to examine home and OOH consumption of the customers, spending on goods and services. Romir Consumer Scan Panel has one vital advantage: it collects the information on households' spending on the services that allows to thoroughly analyze the consumer profile, behavioral features of brands' target audiences and to researcch a service. Data for a client is given by categories, brands, sales channels, depending on the clinet's requirements.

Romir Consumer Scan Panel allows to complete the following tasks:

  • Identification of the current situation, the product position and new opportunities for business development;
  • Evaluation of brand perfomance, based on the real purchases;
  • Precise identification of the target audience of brand customers and their socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics;
  • Immediate and precise evaluation of the brand health, presentation of new, closed and loyal customers;
  • Tracking of the brand verified purchases in different product categories in presetted time intervals;
  • Monitoring of customer behavior dynamics: brand switching, shift in brand loyalty level, etc.;
  • Revealing of customer's reaction on different ad campaigns.

Objectivity of Consumer Scan Panel data

Data objectivity is provided by the data verification multilevel system and technical solutions which are used for the gathering of information.

In the information phase all customers who participate in the survey record their purchases for in-home, out-of-home consumption, and purchases of services with the use of the specialized software for PCs and mobile devices (smartphones) with an option to record receipts with QR codes. The participants scan the barcodes of all purchased goods and services and describe the point and the purpose of the purchase. All purchases are obligatory checked out with the receipts.

In the data-processing phase all information is verified in accordance with strict requirements to the activity of the participants.