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80 -ies

Factory sociology and international ties

Factory sociology, conflictology, and research of fast-paced society became the first life stage of the Russian research market. Besides, the Western companies were in desperate need of information on Russia. Romir has become the center of international liaison with the largest world research networks, provided the international quality of work standards.

90 -ies

Decisive contribution to the development of the industry

The company made a vast difference in the development of the national research market which had a need for new unique solutions. The development of media measurement technology by Romir, participation in the development of a new TV, and conduction of the electoral research in the course of the first democratic elections became a breakthrough. The company was one of the pioneers who proceeded with the research of the Internet audience and set quality standards for the online research.

00 -ies

Consolidation for the growth

A number of specialized companies were consolidated under the brand Romir. A new go-ahead team that had multifaceted experience in social and marketing research blended in the company which has been already known in the international market by then. The company became a driver for the development of different segments of marketing research. Romir has organized the largest regional research network and the infrastructure, which lured the community of the clients and projects. The holding placed its stake on innovative technologies and products, such as consumer scan panels.

10 -s

Leader of the national market

Nowadays, the company holds one of the leading positions in the Russian research market. Despite being a private holding, Romir has still acquired a reputation of an independent organization. Starting from 2011 Romir has been listed among the TOP-100 global research companies by the international agency Research Rating Ltd. According to this rating, it is the largest private research company in the Central and Eastern Europe.