Mystery Shopping – is one of the latest developments in market research. It is especially important for the companies operating in the most competitive market environments, where exceptional service quality and customer loyalty are of the vital importance.

Romir is a member of the  Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), international professional association that unites more than 400 top companies deploying Mystery Shopping technology. Romir is one of the founders of Agency for service quality monitoring (AMKO) which is the first Russian professional assoiation of research compnaies which are specialized on the appraisal and the analysis of service quality.

Our aim is to help the clients to manage their service quality at the customer touch-points efficiently. We give you an opportunity to see and evaluate your service quality the way actual customers see it. At the end of the day we help our clients to make their services more appealing for the customers, therefore increasing the number of loyal customers, supporting sales and revenue growth as well as business development..

The results of our work are required by retail network and division managers, heads of HR departments, client service managers and all company employees who one way or another are linked to the service quality and front-line staff management. 

Our solutions:

  • Business process audit;
  • Appraisal of brand functioning success on a basis of real purchases;
  • Monitoring of implementation and compliance with internal client service standards;
  • Operations technology analysis (sales);
  • Participation in development of internal client service standards;
  • Participation in development of staff motivation programs;
  • Comparative analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Company image factors analysis from the consumer point of view;
  • Benchmarking – identification of the best industry practices.

Methods and services

Mystery Shopping

  • Monitoring of sales offices, service venues, gas filling stations, dealerships, etc.;
  • Product purchase and return check;
  • Visits combined with audio/video recording and photos;
  • Mystery shopping with disclosure;
  • Joker's visit, "Second Chance";
  • Mystery Applicant;
  • Other complex scenarios.

Mystery Calling

  • Product/service information request calls to the sales offices;
  • Price Monitoring calls to the sales offices.

Mystery Viewer

  • Staff operations observation.
  • In-store/sales office situation monitoring.
  • Promoters monitoring.

Mystery Mailing

  • Online consulting.
  • Sending emails.
  • Filling out electronic forms on the client's website.