“Advertising matrix” forum: Looking at the changes in Shopper Behavior through the lens of Marketing

25 September 2020

Romir research holding represented by Andrey Milekhin, the president of Romir, Doctor of Science {Socilology} and the founder of Mile Group, and Anastasia Sidorina, Client Manager, took part in the “Advertising matrix” forum, which tackled the transformations in the advertising market.

In his speech at the conference “Strategic challenges of the Advertising Market during the post coronavirus times; analytics and systematic approaches” Andrey Milekhin started by explaining the unique situation that our world is facing “Humans do not anymore just survive they started developing and facing more and more challenges, not to mention that the pandemic did force changes in our lives, but the transformation started much earlier, for the first time 3 socially-active generations live side by side, which brings with it a new type of sharing of experiences, competition, life expectancy increased, but most importantly the globalization of information took place. This is in direct conflict with micro-regional economics, which is due to political localization. Today society faces many challenges, and we in our professional field are tackling humancentric transformation by creating and bettering products and services for the human being. We are always glad to have the opportunity to share the results of our research and measurements, and this is what we have been doing for the past 30 years.

By extension, Anastasia Sidorina informed the audience about today’s consumer, its thoughts, wishes, and habits. Below are the key points of her speech:

  • Before the pandemic, Russians were most worried about salaries, increases in CPI, and pension reform. Now health is of the highest importance.
  • In May Russians had plans to optimize their expenses, millennials – to a greater extent.
  • Online shopping prevents unnecessary contacts with other people, at the same time shoppers expect more discounts in the future.
  • E-commerce is gaining importance.
  • Targeting is becoming a key factor in successful communication with target audiences.

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«Ромир» is the largest independent research holding, focusing on marketing, media, social and economic research. It was established in 1987, now is a part of Mile Group.

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