Andrey Milekhin gave a lecture to students of Plekhanov Russian Economic University

19 April 2024

On 18 April Plekhanov Russian Economic University hosted a meeting of university students with ROMIR President Andrey Milekhin. His lecture for undergraduate and graduate students was devoted to the topic "Challenges of human-centredness: transformation of social measurement tools".

The society of today has faced an unprecedented number of transformations in a rather short period of time. Classical sociological methods and tools (surveys, focus groups) are experiencing a systemic crisis. 

Andrey Milekhin told students what methods and tools for monitoring and analysing the behaviour of individuals and society as a whole are becoming increasingly important and in demand. He also dwelt on how to interpret survey data, how to work with big data. And the final part of the lecture was devoted to the introduction to the longitudinal system as an advanced approach in research: what it is, what is its value, what are the areas of application.

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