Andrei Milekhin was re-elected vice-president of the Gallup International Association

19 November 2021

The 74th Annual Conference of the Gallup International Association (GIA) - the world's largest research association, which brings together more than 70 independent research companies specializing in socio-political, electoral, economic, marketing and media research - took place in Dubai, November 15-17, on the eve of the 120th birthday of George Gallup - one of the founders of sociology, whose name the organization bears.

During the plenary session of the conference, the composition of the Board of Directors of the Association was renewed. The right to head the GIA was retained by the newly elected president of the Association Kancho Stoychev. 

Andrei Milekhin, founder of the Mile group and doctor of sociology, retained the position of vice president. He expanded his authority within the governing body, becoming the coordinator for the selection of new members of the Association in Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia, as well as for the process of developing the methodology and concept of a global collection of the results of sociological research Voice of the people.

The main theme of the next congress was social order and trends in the development of societies in a post-pandemic world. As the President of the Association noted, the pandemic influenced not only the world economy and security, but also activated the process of transformation of people's values and ideological reference points, and the civilizational problems that our and future generations will have to address became evident.

Andrey Milekhin moderated the discussion session where the research companies - members of the Association - shared modern methodological solutions on the example of country, regional and international cases. The cutting-edge directions and methods of research work in various fields were presented. The founder of the Mile group emphasized that it is a comprehensive analysis of the global community, with the human being at its center, that is the future of sociological research.

Hagop Harmandarian, Senior Director of Customer Service at Romir Research Holding, part of the Mile group, spoke during the Innovations in Research session. The speaker presented to the members of the Association a unique technology for analyzing and predicting human behavior, Mile People Data Technology. The technology is based on the concept of human centricity, years of sociological experience, and implementation of the latest technologies of work and integration with "big data," artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The participants also paid attention to the applied aspect of sociology, noting the trends and challenges of marketing research during the coronavirus pandemic. Presentations were made by the heads of the world's largest marketing agencies that are members of the Association.

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