Andrey Milekhin at the forum "Made in Russia 2023"

24 October 2023

On October 20, Andrey Milekhin, founder of the M-holding, president of the research holding Romir, took part in the main expert forum of the country "Made in Russia". The speech was held within the framework of the panel session "Horizon 2040: Formula for Russia's Development". 

The Horizon-2040 project was launched at the "Made in Russia 2022" forum and during the year brought together more than 200 leading Russian experts in the fields of demography, ecology and climate, energy, technology, space, health, food, social culture, economy - to determine Russia's place on the world stage of 2040. Based on the work of the thematic groups of the Horizon 2040 project, the session presented synthesized formulas for the development of Russia - high-class logical constructions, which, on the one hand, contain the main meanings and conclusions of the Horizon 2040 reports, and on the other hand, can serve as management instructions and frameworks for further strategic planning.

Andrei Milekhin's speech was devoted to psychodemography. How is it different from just a demography? "Psychodemography," explained Andrey Milekhin, "unlike economic demography, which actually takes into account only the consumption of people, on the contrary, it is engaged in the search and analysis of factors that contribute to the quantitative and qualitative growth of the population. And today there are four of these basic factors in Russia.

First of all, it's a multi-generational family. The primary social cell, the basis of the social fabric. These are also yards, communities, labor collectives. This is where the period of socialization, the formation of personality and social values takes place.

Perhaps the most negative factor affecting demography is the abortion situation. A hyper liberal law adopted in 1993 put abortion on the flow. Drug interruption is possible with over-the-counter drugs. Today, when medical and pharmaceutical statistics are given to Western companies, the complete monopoly of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers in the market of medical abortion and contraception, we do not even know how many abortions are actually performed, what are the consequences, what happens to fertility. It is urgent to make this area transparent and controlled by the state, society, to return the decision to deprive the child of life from the sphere of individual decision to the social and medical sphere.

The third factor that requires reflection is urbanization. What settlements should we live in to feel the joy of continuing life, how to ensure the population of our huge and rich country. Life in megacities today does not contribute to the development of the family, it practically comes into conflict with it. There is a need to revise the concept of urbanization, perhaps reform the territorial division, housing policy, so that in the end we live well wherever we are.

The processes of increasing population growth are time-consuming. And we need hands, minds and souls today. Therefore, the issue of migration requires special attention. Not just attracting guest workers, often not speaking Russian, having other cultural codes, but the development of migration, primarily former compatriots, students, intellectuals. We need smart migration, value, cultural and intellectual.

Russia, unlike the individualistic Western and Asian culture of the large masses, is a native communal civilization, with an emphasis on family, community, blood and neighborly relations. Only the restoration and strengthening of these primary domains, the attraction of people close in spirit and blood, the strengthening of faith, traditions and culture, the correct building of the population structure of the country can contribute to successful population growth and the construction of universal happiness and prosperity," concluded the president of Romir Holding.

At the "Made in Russia" forum, scenarios for Russia's development by 2040, as well as a system model of scenario management were presented to the public. The event is a key event in the field of export and foreign economic activity and is aimed at promoting Russian goods and services to international markets, as well as improving the business climate in the country. The organizer is the Russian Export Center (VEB Group of the Russian Federation).

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