Andrey Milekhin at the forum “Strong ideas for new times”

20 February 2024

On February 19, the annual Forum “Strong Ideas for New Times” opened at the Moscow World Trade Center, organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Roscongress Foundation, co-organized by VEB.RF.

The first session of the Forum was devoted to the topic “The Demography Formula: from saving people to nation-building.” The discussion revolved around the topic of the role of the family as an essential factor that determines the demography of the state. (Watch the broadcast).

The family plays a key role in the formation and development of society. This is a small world where people are born, educated and receive the necessary skills for a successful life. The family develops values, moral beliefs, attitudes towards society and principles that help the individual find his place in the world.

The well-being of a family depends on the environment and social environment in which it exists. Spouses, as a rule, make the decision to have children by assessing their capabilities and the prospects of supporting and raising children. These are long-term solutions that require some economic stability. However, families often face difficulties related to the socio-economic situation. The task of the state is not only to support families who find themselves in difficult life situations, but, first of all, to create favorable conditions for the creation and prosperity of families.

In 2023, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, together with the Russian Export Center, implemented a large-scale strategic project “Horizon 2040”, within the framework of which a thematic group “Demography” was formed. ROMIR President Andrey Milekhin was the leader in this group. The main result of the domain’s work was the development of a demography formula, which Andrei Milekhin presented during his speech.


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