Andrey Milekhin shared the experience of innovative research with business representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan

20 October 2021

Andrey Milekhin, founder of MILE Group, Doctor of Sociology, spoke at the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of medium and large businesses from the retail and FMCG, banking and telecom sectors, and developers. Andrey Milekhin shared with them information about an innovative tool for the comprehensive study of the person in society MILE People Data Technology.

The expert noted that in the CIS countries the data received about people, mainly with the help of banking services and systems of communication in the form of big data, distinguishes by a serious fragmentation and requires deep analysis. MILE People Data Technology allows solving this problem by applying the unique accumulated information, developed methods for validating big data to create personalized communications and predict human behavior.

MILE Group is an amalgamation of companies and brands in the field of smart technology. Each brand within the MILE Group is part of an ecosystem with humans at its core. MILE Group collects and researches data on human needs, behavior and motivations and transforms this knowledge into solutions and services for customers. Unique and modern platform solutions allow to create the most actual tools and products for the business.

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