Head of Gallup International Association moderated a session of International club “Valdai”

26 October 2018

XV anniversary meeting of International discussion club “Valdai” was held in Sochi from 15th to 18th of October. Over the course of several days, participants at conference – politicians, scientists, political experts, artists and public members – discussed the topic of the year: “Russia: program for XXI century”.

Within the meeting about 20 events were held, including 6 panel discussions. One of these sessions was moderated by Kancho Stoychev, President of Gallup International Association. Romir research holding is an exclusive representative of the international research association in Russia and CIS countries. Kancho moderated a session named “Foreign policy during times of change: how to develop in the fast-paced world”. The panel discussion was on the fourth final day when the meeting with Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the plenary session with Vladimir Putin’s speech took place.

Participants of the session “Foreign policy during times of change” discussed the trend on remaking of world order and the influence of Russia on the establishment of the new world order, and also challenges which bring global politics to our country. This panel discussion was accepted as the most interesting during the XV International meeting “Valdai”.

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