MILE Group becomes a resident of the MSU Technological Valley

07 July 2021

On the 22nd of June 2021, MILE Group, comprising of companies and brands in the field of intelligent technologies, and the MSU Technological Valley signed a cooperation agreement. The primary focus of the partnership between MILE Group and the Vorobyevy Gory Innovative Sciences and Technology Center (INTTS) will be the development of tools that analyze and predict human behavior, via integration of Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

This unique project of innovative R&D and educational center situated on the campus of Lomonosov Moscow State University is set for advancing the cooperation between leading entities of different business and science spheres. In the future, that will enhance the prestige of Russian science and its contribution to the business community. The long-term endeavor will be achieved by the active participation of MILE Group in the development and implementation of technologies that are essential for businesses to transform and better face the upcoming challenges.

During July, 2 clusters will commence their operations – the “Interdisciplinary” cluster (within which MILE Group will operate) and the “Educational” cluster.

MILE Group

MILE Group — encompasses companies and brands in the field of intelligent technologies. Every brand of MILE Group is a part of the ecosystem which has the PERSON at its center. We acquire and analyze data on consumption, behavior and motivation of a consumer and transform this knowledge into solutions and services for our clients. We use unique and cutting-edge platform-based solutions that allow us to create instruments and products of the highest relevance for today’s business requirements.

MSU Technological Valley

The “Vorobyevy Gory” is a project of the Innovative, Scientific, and Technological center based on the Lomonosov Moscow State University campus. The project of the Technological Valley is encompassing seven scientific fields which will be split into clusters. The primary aim of this endeavor is the development and implementation of technologies that are in demand within the business world and also to retain and attract highly qualified and skilled specialists.

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