Omnichannel and efficiency: Romir announces the start of media data publishing

28 October 2019

Dear friends, partners and colleagues!

We have gone for it for 25 years. First steps were made in the days of the old nineties when we’d begun to represent in Russia the oldest and most authoritative research association Gallup International and opened the first people meter panel in Moscow. In the 00s we launched the first in Eurasia scan panel and immediately extended it on measuring of OOH consumption and Internet behavior. As a crowning achievement, we began to use this panel for measuring of TV and radio content consumption three years ago.

Today we start a series of weekly publications on TV, radio and Internet consumption. This data can be analyzed through the lens of different target groups from a buyer of a particular product to any behavioral, property or electoral groups. The data will represent shares, ratings and reach for a period in % in break-up into TOP channels, radio stations and websites by different social groups, consumers and brand buyers that allows to make a full and thorough examination of Russians’ current media consumption.

We bring an opportunity for media analysts, ad makers and producers of all goods and services to draw on a single metric across their own target groups throughout the planning, positioning and performance evaluation.

We look forward to cooperating with the industrial leaders and communities in order to develop the market and ensure its transparency and competitiveness.

Dr. Andrey Milekhin
President of Romir
Vice-president of Gallup
Doctor of Sociology

For the latest findings please visit the home page.

On the basis of Single Source Panel Romir* we have an opportunity to analyze media consumption against the following figures:

  • Cumulative reach (%, th.) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average monthly reach (%, th.) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average weekly reach (%, th.) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average daily reach (%, th.) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Share (%) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average daily minute ratings (TV, Radio)
  • Cumulative time (sec, min) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average monthly time (sec, min) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average weekly time (sec, min) (TV, Radio, Internet)
  • Average daily time (sec, min) (TV, Radio, Internet)

Moreover, we have an opportunity to analyze the efficiency of advertising campaigns on the TV, radio and the Internet.

*You can find a full description of Single Source Panel (SSP) on our website.


Romir is the largest Russian private holding specializing in marketing, media and socio-economic surveys. The company has its own large regional network in Russia and countries of former Soviet Union. Romir is an exclusive representative of Gallup International, the international research association, and a member of Global NR in Russia and CIS countries with the research geography over 40 countries.

Media Research Department
Elizaveta Petrova

Tel.: +7 (495) 011-00-07

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