On Science Day, Happy birthday to Andrey Milekhin, founder of M-Holding and President of Romir

08 February 2023

On the Science Day, we congratulate Andrey Milekhin, founder of M-Holding and President of Romir, on his birthday!

Andrey Milekhin devoted his life to one of the most popular sciences in the world - human studies, which is constantly in the spotlight. In different years he has worked in the field of political and media technologies, psychology, sociological and marketing research. The study of human nature requires remarkable talent and passion. Under the leadership of Andrey Milekhin an energetic and enthusiastic team was formed in the research holding. M-Holdings Group companies are experts in their fields: consumer and retail trade, customer service, media consumption, social psychology, big data analytics.

It is symbolic that the Day of Russian Science is celebrated on February 8. An attentive attitude to the observance of the scientific approach distinguishes M-Holding’s all areas of activity. Our mission towards society and economy is the synthesis of new knowledge, the development of new ways of learning, the expansion of opportunities to improve the quality of people's lives, economic and social well–being, the quality of cross–country communications. And all this based only on proven scientific methods.

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