RAPP relaunches in Russia with the use of Romir’s technologies as their base

22 October 2020

Moscow, 22.10.2020 – RAPP Worldwide, a global creative agency that builds direct, meaningful, and high-value relationships between brands and people, has relaunched its activities in Russia: now RAPP Russia works based on innovative technologies of Romir research holding.

RAPP Russia will be focusing its efforts on supporting and developing its international clients in Russia and implementing data-driven marketing via the tools, methods, and analytical expertise of Romir. Ivan Milekhin, the Executive Director of Mile Group and a member of the BOD of Romir, will take charge of RAPP Russia.

RAPP’s expertise in CRM marketing and the unique data on customer behavior from Romir’s Consumer Scan Panel paves the way for the set up dynamically targeted communication with target market segments and provides full-cycle services, using the multifaceted capacity of the data and technology synergies.

According to Ivan Milekhin, this relaunch is executed in line with the shifted positioning of RAPP in the world. RAPP’s global concept of the development of the network will rotate around personalized creative steps in their approach to their clients, deeper integration of research, use of data-driven steps, and widening of the non-ATL product range driven by research-based instruments and technology. We have been successfully cooperating with Omnicom under a license agreement since 2012 and now we are excited about the new level of development. Our key task is to provide a more integrated approach to the marketing strategies of our clients, based on innovative methods of analyzing and studying the consumer market and customer behavior in Romir. This allows us to find more precise and, at the same time, creative solutions, in communications with consumers».

As Ivan Milekhin notes, they are currently consulting with the representatives of RAPP and finalizing the development of new products at the interface between advertising, marketing, and research market, which will be exclusively provided for the international clients in Russia by the agency.

At the core of Romir’s methods, there is data on people’s behavior in digital and their physical consumption based on a scan-panel of Russian households Romir Consumer Scan Panel. This panel covers more than 40 000 consumers (15 000 households) in more than 220 cities in Russia with a population of over 10 000 people. The sample design, in addition to the geographical stratification, is controlled by additional parameters, such as household size and composition, per capita income. Panel participants record receipts with QR codes and take part in online polls and surveys.

Methods by RAPP allow to implement an international approach to the work with the clients in Russia, use all cutting-edge trends and technologies and shape the future of marketing communication on the basis of digital data in Russia.

The collaboration of Romir’s analytical systems and RAPP’s practices will make it possible to implement data on studying customer behavior toward brands into marketing strategies and use analytical, anthropological, behavioral, psychological, and economic parameters for it.

It will provide an opportunity for the creation and performance of efficient and precisely targeted communications based on data-powered opportunities and a human-centered approach.


About RAPP Worldwide

RAPP is a global, data-driven creative community that builds direct, meaningful, and high-value relationships between brands and people. At RAPP, with our unrivaled depth of expertise in first-party data, we have been observing and cataloging real people’s lives for 50 years. In today’s world, the balance of power has shifted, and customers are in control, which is why we put people and their preferences at the heart of the brand experience. With a talent base of more than 1,600 professionals in 17 offices, we help brands grow the value of real people by understanding what really matters and creating experiences that are right for real people, with real needs, in real-time, creating marketing that matters. Our expertise in data and marketing sciences allows us to deliver our clients' actionable human insight - an incredible understanding of genuine motivations observed transactions and actual interactions. Our process reflects how real people think; we balance the left brain and the right, and we do our best work when we bring Precision and Empathy into balance. Building on our data foundation, RAPP delivers a range of capability across social, digital, customer experience, and technology.

RAPP is proud to employ talented people across the US, the UK, Argentina, France, Germany, China, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, and Dubai, and we actively foster an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve our vision.

RAPP is part of the Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, a division of the DAS Group of Companies.

About Mile Group and Romir

Mile Group consists of a group of companies and brands that operate in the area of Intelligent Technologies, which are spread towards three directions of activities, these being Research and Analysis of any sort of data, technologies managing Communications, and realization of complex marketing projects. Every brand of the group has its own unique expertise, these being in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Marketing, and Audit. The aforementioned allow Mile Group to enhance communication efficiency and provide accurate and measurable results to our clients and partners via access to innovative technologies.

Mile Group incorporates, Romir research holding, Gallup International Association and GlobalNR (representing these in both Russia and the CIS), IRI (partnering for the marketing of the Retail Private Cloud in Russia), Mile agencies; Mile Audit, Mile Digit, Mile Mystery, Mile Loyalty, i-Mystery, RAPP Russia (under license of Omnicom Group), Russian Customer Group and Vyrka Country Golf Club.

Romir is the largest independent research holding, focusing on marketing, media, social and economic research. Romir is a part of Mile Group and has a well-developed research network with its own suboffices and group companies within the main regions of Russia and CIS countries. Romir is the exclusive representative of the Gallup International Association and GlobalNR in Russia and CIS countries.


For more information:
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