Romir became a partner of the "Quality of Service and Consumer Rights" award

27 October 2023

On October 24, the winners of the "Quality of Service and Consumer Rights" Award, which is annually awarded to the most successful companies in the consumer market for the impeccable quality of products and the high level of services provided, took place in Kazan.

Within the framework of the award, a Conference was held, where experts from leading Russian companies discussed topical issues of development in the context of new economic realities and shared examples of successful cases.

One of the main speakers of the conference was Inna Karaeva, Executive Director of Romir, who spoke about trends in consumer behavior. How consumers is changing today in the current economic conditions, how they is struggling with stress, how their wallet is changing and how the costs of food, services and horeca are redistributed. It was also about new approaches to the analysis of the target audience and the efficiency of statistical data that business can work with.

Every year, more than 100 companies from various sectors of the consumer market take part in the "Quality of Service and Consumer Rights" Award. In 2023, more than 300 applications were submitted. As a result, the expert jury determined more than 80 laureates in 10 categories. Romir Research Holding acted as a partner of the award, and on the basis of the consumer panel determined the winners of the special nomination "Consumer Choice". The winners of the award in 2023 were Gazprom PJSC, LG Electronics/LG Electronics RUS LLC, a lot of furniture online store, Samsung, Trelax, Meine Liebe, Divan BOSS online store, Diana, Magnite cleaning.

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