Romir Conference: "New masks of the consumer"

10 October 2019

Romir held a traditional client conference on October 2nd. Top management of leading companies from different spheres, such as FMCG, Pharma, Car industry, etc., visited the event. The topic of the meeting was "New masks of the consumer". Our speakers together with the colleagues presented the results of our research and successful cases. We discussed a behavior of today's customer, how to work with Generation Z, the current situation at the pharmaceutical market, the transformation of the retail chains and the cutting-edge strategies of communication with car enthusiats.

"Not incidentally, the topic and the venue were chosen, - Andrey Milekhin, the president of Romir and Doctor of Science, mentioned in his keynote speech. - Nowadays consumers has a few behavior patterns and change what are called "masks", depending on a brand and a situation at hand. We live in the network society and the cosnumers are getting more and more authority. Now the one who understands them better wons. And we help our client to identify every behavior pattern and develop its own strategy, based on our verified and enriched data".

Конференция Ромир: «Новые маски потребителя»

Firuza Kozhageldina, Client Director of Romir, was the first speaker. Her topic was "A customer amid economic turbulance". Firuza got the audience up to speed on the customer behavior during the crisis, what points of increase can be found and how to communicate properly with the Generation Z.

Конференция Ромир: «Новые маски потребителя»

Next speaker was Marina Shepotinenko, Client Director of Romir, who told the guests about the current situation on the Russians pharmaceutical market, what patient types can be picked out and what irritators have the influence on them.

Anastasia Sidorina, Leading Client Manager of Romir, continued the conference with her report, which covered the current retail network development and the modern customer with his particular qualities. 

Конференция Ромир: «Новые маски потребителя»

Car market also didn't stay on the sidelines - Lyudmila Fukova, Client Director of Romir, presented new strategies of communication with car enthusiasts under the conditions of the change in their customer behavior and values.

The last topic of the conference covered the new media and the new consumers, the insights on which were presented by Inna Karaeva, Executive Director of Romir. Special mention was made of the Romir unique instrument - Single Source Panel, which is used for a cross-analysis of all types of consumption: goods, services, media and the Internet.

After conference results summarizing our guests had an opportunity to talk to their colleagues in informal surroundings, to discuss the current trends and market changes, and to share some successful cases. After that all the guests were invited to the theatre piece "The twentieth centuary. The Ball".

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