ROMIR President Andrey Milekhin took part in the round table "Time to Live in Russia"

05 April 2024

On 3 April, a round table organised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) was held at the discussion platform "Boiling Point - Arbat". It was attended by about ten experts in the field of migration.

In a rapidly changing world, the issues of migration regulation are becoming the most pressing for our country. It is at times of turbulence in geopolitical processes that it is important to improve the image of the Russian Federation as a state favourable for living and working.

The meeting was moderated by Mikhail Makarov, Director of the ASI International Relations Office. The discussion was attended by Irene Cecchini, leader of the idea "Time to Live in Russia", Maria Chernobrovkina, Director of the Pacific-Eurasian Business Alliance, Cisse Mohamed, Director of SCOLARIS FINANCE, Sergey Peskov, leader of the idea "Creation of a Federal Personnel Centre to provide the Russian economy with labour resources", Alexander Grebenyuk, Deputy Director for Research at MSU GSHSN; Ishankuli Faizullaev, leader of the idea "Card of Foreign Student/Master's/Postgraduate Student"; and Ivan Karpushkin, representative of the ECP "Work in Russia".

The experts discussed the role of highly qualified migrants in the development of the country, metrics and criteria for assessing a migrant, relevant and effective methods of supporting migrants, and necessary changes in legislation to create a new point of attraction for foreign highly qualified specialists.

Andrey Milekhin in his speech touched upon the topics of intellectual migration, which can become an aid in solving the demographic problems of the country. Inviting highly qualified specialists to Russia and the return of repatriates is one of the foundations of effective migration. 

"To talk about demographic migration, first of all we need to prepare an information base. We do not know about many of our fellow citizens who are in different regions of the country - how they live, what they live with. The state tasks are to find out what the public interest is now made of, what the society is facing, what and how it lives. It is necessary to conduct regular monitoring using all possible tools to obtain information. Controlled knowledge helps to eliminate risks, as any misunderstanding leads to anxiety and panic in society.

At the moment, many African countries are reaching out to us, and former Soviet republics are looking for new ties. The common foundation for Russians and those coming to us should be the Russian language. It must be developed, strengthened, and the opportunities for Russian language education must be expanded as much as possible to ensure full access to our rich culture," concluded Andrey Milekhin.

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