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18 April 2013

Romir Hosts their Springtime Client Conference

On April 18th, at a flight facility equipped with TFT B-737NG flight simulators, Romir Holding hosted their traditional springtime client conference. The location was not a random choice since the company finds that brand and product management are somewhat similar to aircraft handling.

It is difficult yet enticing. It’s hi-tech yet mysterious. You get the incomparable feeling of a flight that you are controlling on your own. Occasionally there might be turbulence, but you are prepared for that and you know how to handle that situation –you just tighten your seatbelts. And then up, up in the sky you soar again in order to look at the world below from the elevation you had conquered.

Boeing-737 and Airbus-320 flight simulators give one a complete sensation of handling the actual aircraft. Everything is real! The cockpit, the equipment, the sounds and the movements. All clients were able to try their hand at piloting an aircraft, getting one’s dose of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions to boot.

The strong emotions from the flight set up a very dynamic tone for the business part of the conference. The President of Romir Holding, Andrey Milekhin, acting as the aircraft commander, offered the special flight passengers an overview presentation on the modern Russian consumer.

He was followed by Strategic Research Director Carla Khachan, acting as senior flight attendant, who presented the passengers with a manual for using the domestic (Russian) research market as seen by international professionals.

Then the in-flight service began. The first case was devoted to the services industry. Together with Alfa-bank, researchers told the audience about complex comprehensive studies of the credit and finance industries and the non-traditional methods that are used more and more when looking to obtain consumer insights.

When the time to serve passengers with food and beverages came, representatives from Coca-Cola and a team of researchers took the stage. The presentation was devoted to the fashionable topic of shopper marketing, this time as applied to collaborating with retail chains.

As for in-flight entertainment, Romir Movie Research professionals demonstrated the methodology of neuromarketing in real-time mode. Before the conference, several guests were asked to watch a few airline (carrier) commercials while being simultaneously tested on special neuro-equipment. By the end of the conference, the primary results of the viewing were ready – attention holding, eye movement, differences in male and female perception.

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