The New World of Indexes. 6th edition of the book by Andrey Milekhin and Oleg Ivanov

02 May 2024

In the last days of April, the book The New World of Indices: A Comprehensive Guide to Measurements in Demography, Sociology, Economics and Other Spheres of Life, written by ROMIR President Andrey Milekhin in co-authorship with his colleague and partner Oleg Ivanov, was published.

This is the sixth edition of the guide, which was first published by the authors in 2016. Over the years, it has been supplemented and expanded, but has retained the same structure. The book is the broadest overview of all kinds of indices and ratings. For convenience, all indices are divided into groups and placed in the corresponding chapters:

- Sustainable Development

- Government and Politics

- Economy and Trade

- Social Environment and Quality of Life 

- Environment 

- Globalization and peace 

- Technology and innovation 

- Security and Risks 

- Cities and regions 

The final chapter presents indices created in Russia, many of which have been brought under the international measurement system. However, there are also unique domestic indices that have no analogues in the world, such as the Ivanov consumer index, the shawarma index, the ‘free money’ index or the wealth index. 

Conventional methods of evaluating the economy, such as analyzing GDP and inflation rates, are standard and time-tested. However, market trends can manifest themselves through unusual and alternative indicators. The authors tell how and when the first indices appeared, introduce the modern world of indices and ratings, offer to explore current global trends and understand what laws will govern our lives tomorrow. 


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