“Transformation of the world and human. Analytics. Practice. Results"

02 October 2022

The conference M-Holding (Romir) “Transformation of the world and man. Analytics. Practice. Results".

The traditional expert conference this year was held at the site of the Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanov, which is the center of the academic economic community of Russia. M-Holding, together with universities, is working on developing the human-centered research industry for science and business.

At a meeting with business, leading practitioners discuss meaningful reports and current trends, including:

• Signs of the transformation of society in modern realities;

• Generational differences in consumer behavior;

• Current trends in consumer behavior in the Retail sector;

• Fresh research results based on the Romir Unified Data Panel;

• A new look at the assessment of service quality and customer loyalty.

The founder of M-Holding, Doctor of Sociology Andrey Milekhin and Vice-Rector of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Economics Ksenia Ekimova delivered a welcoming speech to the participants.

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