Updated ROMIR logo

19 January 2024

Research holding ROMIR presents an updated logo, which, while respecting the continuity of the previous one, developed 25 years ago by the famous designer Artemy Lebedev, now receives a Cyrillic spelling.

The logo is made in the form of the company name, in Cyrillic style with additional elements in the form of three dots under the letter “m”.

The name of the company in Russian is written in capital letters without quotation marks - ROMIR. This emphasizes the original idea of ​​the creators, the historical path and the scale of the company. Corporate style, color combinations, fonts remain unchanged.

ROMIR is the largest private research company in Russia. It has been successfully developing since 1987. Part of M-Holding. ROMIR is a leader in deep scientific and practical knowledge about man and society. In its work, the company relies on traditional science and its own innovations.

The focus of our study is Man in the broadest sense of the word. A person is a family member, a colleague, a consumer, a citizen. We know how he lives, what he thinks and says, what he dreams about, what he buys, what he watches and listens to, what and whom he chooses. We help businesses study their consumers. We help the state get to know its citizens better. We help people navigate the modern world. So that the family, society, and country become happier and more successful.

ROMIR implements a full range of studies of a wide variety of markets and spheres of society, focusing on three areas: psychodemography, social psychology and human-centric marketing.

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