Romir is an exclusive representative of Gallup International in Russia and CIS countries


Gallup International is the largest and the best known association of independent research agencies, uniting 55 companies and holding independent polls in about 100 countries across the world. Over the course of its history, Gallup International has held social and exit polls at presidential and parliamentary elections in many countries. For many years the association has been holding initiative polls throughout the international projects, such as "Voice of the People", "Barometer of Hope, Despair and Happiness", etc. GIA partnership allows Romir to have a continuous access to the newest foreign techniques and investions.

Romir is the member of GlobalNR, one of the largest international association of research agencies


GlobalNR is a multi-country consortium of professional research companies, from around the world, working to the unitary standards and development of the marketing research industry. GlobalNR assembles the largest research companies from Europe, North and South America and Asia, such as regional leaders BVA, Market Probe, Hankook, etc. In their work the community members adhere to the strict professional principles as a steadfast support of clients and each other, an experience and technology exchange, a collaborative project work, etc. A balanced mixing of local experience and cutting-edge technologies allows the association to be a global professional network.


Member of ESOMAR


Romir research holding, represented by Andrey Milekhin, is an associate member of  ESOMAR, the international professional association. ESOMAR is one of the most well-known and credible association in the world, founded in 1948. ESOMAR consolidate companies and organizations which conduct marketing and opinion surveys.

Romir and Centre of case research at ISPR RAS


In 2012, Romir established the Centre of case research together with the Institute for Socio-Political Research at RAS. In the context of this cooperation joint projects on studying and analysing of social problems and political developments are implemented. 

Romir and High school of contemporary social sciences at MSU


In 2016, Romir research holding and High school of contemporary social sciences at MSU n.a. M.V. Lomonosov endorsed a collaboration agreement. It allows to carry out joint scientific research, to hold conferences, seminars and expertise on topical problems of the development of Russian modern society, to support direct employee contacts, etc.

Romir and Higher school of marketing and business development NRU HSE 


In 2014, Romir research holding and Higher school of marketing and business development NRU HSE set in motion a joint affiliate education program. The program entails both participation of Romir specialists in educational process at School and assistance of lecturers and students in solving or Romir marketing tasks.

Besides, the cooperation entails running of joint events, such as seminars, roundtable discussions, conferences, business and press breakfasts, etc. 

Romir and Guild of Marketers


Guild of Marketers is a non-profit organization, which gathers volunteer marketers to fulfill the following aims:

  • support for personal professional advancement of Guild members,
  • every kind of assistance to marketing development and support for the building of socially-oriented economy in Russia.

Andrey Milekhin, President of the holding, has been an Honoured member of the Guild since 2000.