Romir stays true to its innate values:

  • Provide a personalized approach to each client. Thanks to our our wide expertise, we are able to fulfill all kids of clients’ requirements and needs - from basic research platforms to consulting services.
  • Gather invaluable experience, unite knowledge and skills. The value of any research company lies in the accumulation of data, records, databases and time-proven solutions. Every new task results in new ideas and unique approaches.
  • Adapt Western technologies to the Russian market. Cooperation with major international networks allows us to receive information on the best practices and use the latest research technologies to benefit our clients.
  • Drive for results. Drive for results. Romir specialists consider it vital to contribute to the development of our clients’ business. We heartfully commit to the idea that collected data lies at the core of our clients strategic decisions.

We give extra attention to research data quality monitoring at every stage of our projects.

Romir quality control standards are in compliance with international research standards of ICC/ESOMAR, one of the leading research associations in the world that was established in 1948.

  • Designing new projects, we have a unique opportunity to refer to the company's shared research database, that helps us to take care of any requirements and needs of our clients.
  • Our quality control process at project design and sampling stages involves thorough control over sample structure, allocation and representativeness.
  • We prefer to handle recruitment process through direct contacts with potential respondents without any assistance from recruitment agencies. Quality control at the pre-field and fieldwork stages includes mandatory test run of the questionnaires, briefings and trainings for interviewers and regional partners, as well as direct checks on each interviewer in the course of fieldwork stage.
  • Quality control at the end of the fieldwork stage – visual check of all completed questionnaires, interviewers routing charts and regional partners' reports check. 10% of all completed questionnaires are checked through direct calls with the respondents.
  • Quality control at the data processing stage involves raw data completeness and compatibility check.
  • We also run interviewers' checks for all projects, collecting and analysing information about their work and evaluating their professional qualification.