ROMIR stays true to its innate values:

  • Independence. ROMIR is the largest private research holding with many years of expertise, which is confirmed by numerous awards and recognition. The first agency, which laid the foundation for the progressive development of the holding, was founded in 1987. Starting from 2011 ROMIR has been listed among the TOP-100 global research companies by the international agency Research Rating Ltd. According to this rating, it is the largest private research company in the Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Innovation. ROMIR uses both traditional and innovative research approaches in his work. Unique Big Data processing capabilities have been introduced: calibration, integration, verification and enrichment of analytics due to the volume of human data. Predictive research models and human-centricity technologies (data on human/customer behavior) are used.
  • Leadership. From 2005 to 2010, ROMIR was recognized as the best research company in Russia according to the results of an expert survey by the Guild of Marketers. In 2019, Romir became the winner of the Innovation Time 2019 award in the nomination "Innovative and Active Company of the Year" and was recognized by leading clients of various markets. In 2020, he received the award as the "Company of the Year" within the framework of the Digital Leaders Award. In 2021, ROMIR again won the Time of Innovation Award for the best implementation of the People Data Technology innovation project. In 2023, ROMIR was awarded the Digital Leaders Award. The ROMIR longitudinal system was recognized as the winner in the nomination "Socially significant project of the year".