Awareness and Care of the environment is becoming more important for Russians

31 March 2021

Romir research holding analyzed the attitude and activities that Russians undertake towards the preservation of the environment and ecology.


The attitude of the respondents towards the idea of sorting waste at the source:

  • Most Russians (88%), in general, back this initiative. 45% of them support it entirely, 43% - in part. However, 12% of the respondents do not agree with this theme.
  • In the past two years (since we last performed such research) the number of Russians who support waste sorting has increased: from 46 p.p. in 2019 to 66 p.p. in 2021.


What actions do Russians take towards sorting of waste at the source:

  • Most of the respondents (52%) take no action, taking out the litter in one bag. We can see a significant drop in this number as 2 years ago 91% took no action.
  • Sorting of plastic waste is the most popular action taken – 30% in 2021 vs 6% in 2019.
  • 21% of Russians sort paper and cardboard (vs 2% in 2019), and 14% each for glass and metal (vs 2% and 1% relatively).


What other actions do Russians take to show their care for the environment:

  • Most of the respondents (45%) sort and deposit used batteries into special waste containers (vs 13% in 2019). Another 38% give old apparel and shoes to charitable organizations or shops (vs 13% in 2019).
  • Moreover, 18% do not buy plastic bags (vs 5% in 2019), 7% - Tetra Pak packaged goods (vs 3% in 2019), and 4% - plastic packaged goods (the same share as in 2019).
  • Only 26% of the respondents do not do any of the above, dropping from 65% in 2019.


«Discussions regarding our Ecology have been significantly increasing in our society, academic community and state authorities with every passing year, international projects in this sphere are being actively developed. According to the results of our global research in cooperation with the GlobalNR association, most humans consider the preservation of the environment more important than economic growth. A vital “revolution” has taken place in the conscience of people; they have realized that future generations, our children, and grandchildren will live in the world which we are forming now, and first, we should start with our personal responsibility in preserving the environment. Increasingly, we see the public reaction to ecological catastrophes: for instance, water zone contamination in Kamchatka or the banning of setting up any factories on or near the shores of Lake Baikal. This is the marker of growing attention to this issue», - Andrey Milekhin, the president of Romir research holding, Doctor of Science in Sociology, and the founder of Mile Group mentioned in his remarks on this matter.


* The research involved 1500 Russian residents aged 18+ y.o., representing all types of cities in all Federal Districts. The sample represents the adult population of Russia.

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