Expenses of Russians in October reached the maximum in the last 5 years

16 November 2021

Romir continues to publish its monthly index of Russians' consumer activity, which shows the dynamics of household consumption of consumer goods. The index is calculated both for nominal and real expenditures (adjusted for inflation according to Rosstat). The median value of 2012 (100%) is taken as the basis.

According to the results of the Romir Consumer Scan Panel Survey*, in October 2021, Russians incurred 219% nominal (not adjusted for inflation) spending, which is 19% higher than in October 2020. As compared to September 2021, when the figure was 207%, the growth was 6%.

Real spending increased this October compared to October 2020 (+9%) and compared to the previous month (+4%), up 118%.

The largest increase in spending in October compared to the same period last year was recorded in St. Petersburg (+83 p.p.), and the smallest - in the Far Eastern Federal District (+5 p.p.).

As compared with September 2021, expenditures increased most of all in St. Petersburg (+25 p.p.). Only by 5 p.p. compared with the previous month, expenditures increased in the Volga Federal District, which showed the smallest growth for the month.

Muscovites in October increased their spending by 66 p.p. compared to October 2020 and by 24 p.p. compared to September 2021.

Annual growth in consumer spending in cities with a population of millions was 55 p.p. Expenditures per month increased by 16 p.p. on average.

In cities with a population of 500 thousand to 1 million people, the average expenses for the year grew by 32 p.p., for a month - by 8 p.p.

In small settlements (with a population of 100 to 500 thousand people) the increase compared to the previous year was 47 p.p. In monthly dynamics, the growth was 10 p.p.


Consumer activity index (CPI) is an indicator that shows the dynamics of the consumption of FMCG (convenience goods) by households, calculated on the basis of data of Romir Consumer Scan Panel*. The basis for calculating the indices is daily updated data on the purchases of several hundred categories of food and non-food products. This index has been calculated monthly since 2012 on the basis of consumption data of households living in Russian cities with a population of 100,000 and more.

*Romir Scan Panel household survey is based on the consumption data of 40,000 Russians and 15,000 households in 220 cities with a population of 10,000 and more people, representing the purchasing and consumer behavior of Russian cities.


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