Fast food in Russia: results of the 9 months of 2023

23 November 2023

As we wrote in the previous review of the dynamics of the catering market, the HoReCa segment showed an increase over the year. The audience is growing, the turnover is growing, and the size of the average check is growing. At the same time, burgers remain the main growth channels in the market. Bakeries and canteens are also becoming increasingly popular.

All major fast food chains (Delicious— period, KFC+Rostiks, Burger King) in 2023 show an increase in the number of unique customers. A similar situation is noted in the Dodo pizzeria chain, where during the current year the number of customers increased by 5% compared to the previous period, and the frequency indicator remains without significant fluctuations, which indicates an expansion of the audience while maintaining loyalty.

In fast-food restaurants in 2023, the largest spending among the categories is primarily on burgers (29%). French fries account for 12% of turnover, coffee and rolls – 8% each. The list of main categories also includes baskets (7%), chicken snacks (7%) and sweet soda (5%). It should also be noted that in 2023, the cost dynamics for almost all categories showed a significant increase.

"Fast food occupies an important place in the field of public catering in Russia, enjoying particular popularity among Russians. The three leading market players make significant efforts every day to meet the needs of their customers, which is reflected in the growth of the network audience. The Dodo chain stands out as a separate significant player, leading in the segment of pizzerias and at the same time competing with the top 3 fast food establishments for the attention of customers. Despite the fierce competition, Dodo is showing impressive success and active growth. In light of current development trends, the goal for next year may be to strengthen work to increase customer loyalty, given the significant expansion of the customer base," said Margarita Abramkina, Director of Customer Relations at Romir.

In September 2023, on the basis of a Single Data Panel, Romir conducted a survey on motivation to visit catering establishments. A third of respondents (34%) replied that they go to cafes and restaurants to save time. Another third (33%) of respondents admitted that they want to get away from everyday life, and a quarter (25%) want to get positive emotions. The top frequently mentioned reasons also included: now I can afford to visit more often (22%); I am too lazy to cook myself (22%); I began to travel more around the country (22%); it is more profitable than buying food and cooking (15%); diversify leisure (14%).

* The Romir Consumer Scan Panel is based on consumption data from 40,000 Russians, 15,000 households in 220 cities with a population of 10,000 people or more, representing the purchasing and consumer behavior of residents of Russian cities. The panel members scan the barcodes of all purchased goods. The online scan data is sent to the panel's database. The sample is representative of the adult urban population of 100 thousand cities.+

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