Hot coffee market: the results of 2023

28 November 2023

The market of hot ready-made coffee this year shows a positive development dynamics. Over the year, the audience of the category as a whole grew by 4.5%. If we consider a longer trend, since 2019, it is worth noting that the share of people buying ready-made coffee has increased by 5.7%. At the same time, the frequency of purchase is not blurred by the newly arrived disloyal audience.

Fast food restaurants remain the largest channel for the hot coffee category, namely burger restaurants, which managed to increase the audience size by 6% over the year, while maintaining the frequency of purchases (9.3%) and the average receipt (117 rubles). 

It is worth mentioning pizzerias separately as a growing channel for the category. In 2023, the best dynamics and growth of loyalty within the channel were recorded: the audience grew by 2%, and the frequency of purchases increased by more than 2 times. The average receipt for coffee was 105.9 rubles.

The category of hot coffee also shows steady growth at gas stations: the audience increased by 1.5% over the year, the frequency of purchases and the average receipt increased by 12%. An increase in the average receipt for hot coffee by 17.7% was also noted in retail – from 68 to 80 rubles. 

But in seemingly traditional places to buy takeaway coffee, such as coffee shops and coffee islands without a separate entrance, the audience decreased slightly over the year, while the frequency of purchases significantly decreased: coffee shops (-30.7%), coffee outlets (-17%). However, in coffee shops there is a noticeable increase in the average check (13.4%).

“Today, the catering sector stands out as a sector showing significant growth, thereby attracting the attention of businesses. Especially worth noting is the hot coffee category, which shows impressive growth results, expanding its audience. The trend of development of this category in non-core sales channels is also noteworthy, which indicates the increasing loyalty of consumers to hot coffee. Customers are finding new reasons to buy this drink, satisfying their needs not only in places traditionally associated with the purchase of coffee," Margarita Abramkina, Director of Customer Relations at Romir, commented on the market situation.

* The study was conducted on the basis of a Single RomiR data panel in cities with a population of 100,000+ 

** The Romir Consumer Scan Panel is based on consumption data from 40,000 Russians, 15,000 households in 220 cities with a population of 10,000 people or more, representing the purchasing and consumer behavior of residents of Russian cities. Panel participants scan QR codes of receipts and record electronic receipts for all purchased goods and services. The results of the online scan are sent to the panel database.

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