Is it worth it to sell or buy a car now?

18 October 2021

Romir Research Holding conducted another survey among car owners and found out what they expect from the car market in the near future and how they assess the current situation for buying and selling a car.

Among respondents, 70% responded that now is not the best time to buy a car. The index is 17% higher than in July of this year. The reasons are the same - deficit of supply and, as a consequence, increased prices in the market. These factors also affect the willingness of owners to part with their "iron horse", because despite the rise in price of used cars, it does not cover the difference in prices.

Dealers actively use the deficit by offering cars with additional equipment. Thus, in 39% of cases dealers offered only these cars in stock, and to get the desired model without extended equipment buyers have to wait on average 1 - 2 months. For some brands, this period can take up to six months.

"Compared with July, motorists' fears about rising prices have slightly decreased by 7%, but still remain at a high level. The majority of respondents (74%) expect further price increases in the car market. Pessimistic are also pessimistic about car lending - 58% of respondents see no prerequisites for improving conditions against the background of the key rate growth. Therefore, it is too early to talk about dramatic changes in the situation in the near future, both according to objective indicators and expectations of car drivers, "- said Lyudmila Fukova, director for work with strategic clients of Romir Holding.



The study was conducted among 1,800 motorists aged 18 and older living in cities with more than one million residents.

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