Lukoil became the most famous gas station chain among Russians

01 November 2021

Romir Research Holding presents a unique rating of business reputation of brands represented in Russia.

Romir's available data allows us to compare the dynamics of the trust index since 2012.

Popularity rating of gas station brands

This year's popularity rating is headed by Lukoil (92% of respondents know the company), Gazprom (87%), Rosneft and Gazpromneft (83% each). The fifth place went to Tatneft (63%). Shell (59%), Bashneft (56%), TNK (55%), Sibneft (53%) and BP (38%) follow in the ranking. Rounding out the list are OPTI (30%) and Trassa (27%).           

Trust index of gas station brands

*The trust index is counted in percentage points.

The trust index is based on the difference between the shares of respondents with a positive and negative attitude towards a particular brand. The trust index reflects the consumers' confidence in the integrity, strength and honesty of the brand.

Lukoil (85 p.p.), Gazprom (80 p.p.) and Gazpromneft (79 p.p.) have topped the rating, based on the results of the trust index calculation. Fourth place was taken by Rosneft (76 p.p.) and fifth place - by Shell (70 p.p.)

The average level of audience credibility (below 70 p.p.) was marked by the networks of "Tatneft" (68 points), "TNK" (64 points), "Bashneft" (62 points), "Sibneft" (62 points), BP (61 points), "OPTI" and "Trassa" (54 points each).

Confidence index indicators in dynamics 2021 vs. 2011

The accumulated data of Romir Company surveys allow us to trace the dynamics of trust index in comparison with indicators of 2011 (except for networks "Gazprom", "Trassa" and "OPTI" which were not analyzed in 2011).

The results showed a drop in trust in most gas station networks. Sibneft (-18 p.p.) and BP (-10 p.p.) showed the most noticeable negative trend. Rosneft and Shell remain at the same level. Gazpromneft has slightly increased the level of trust (+3 p.p.), while Lukoil has become the record-breaker in terms of growing trust among the population (+10 p.p.).

Previously we have published the results of the study of the level of trust and brand recognition of the Russian meat market, electronics and home appliance retailers, home improvement stores and catering networks.


The research is conducted according to the international methodology GRI (Global Reputation Index), used worldwide.

In order to study the reputation of the main players on the Russian market of filling stations, the study participants were asked to indicate in questionnaires what their opinion of the companies included in the rating is: positive, negative or they are not familiar with the company and its products.

* The study involved 1500 respondents. The sample represents the urban population and the structure of the population of the Russian Federation by gender, age, federal districts and type of urban settlements over 100 thousand people. To analyze the dynamics we used data from the Romir 2011 survey conducted using identical methodology

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