M-Pulse: Russians' awareness of the situation in the country has decreased

29 April 2022

As part of the M-Pulse* research project, Romir experts analyzed the level of Russians' awareness of the situation in the country in dynamics.

The seventh wave of the survey showed that 57% of Russians are partially or fully aware of the latest developments in the country. During the week, the figure dropped by almost 10 percent. The share of those who are neutral in their awareness reached its highest value in seven weeks.

The President of Romir and founder of M-Holding Andrey Milekhin commented on the survey results:

"Any newsworthy event, even if it is a global change, has a "lifespan". Analyzing the time of return to a new "normality" after each economic, political or epidemiological crisis, we note an average of two months. And so now, first the interest in political news began to be replaced by the economic agenda. Now the influence of the information background on human behavior in general is decreasing. Russians are adapting to the situation and are increasingly preoccupied with maintaining their level of well-being and everyday issues."

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