M-Pulse: the share of the service sector is increasing in the structure of the Russian wallet

15 April 2022

In the course of the research project M-Pulse* Romir experts analyzed the structure of the Russian wallet. According to the 6th wave of research (April 4 - 10), there is a maximum increase in the share of Russian spending on services for six weeks. In week 14, it was 17%. In March, the figures were lower than in the same period last year, now we see that share of expenses for services increases. Expenditures for this category are increasing due to the reduction of expenditures on non-product goods of daily demand - their share rose in March, as the trend of purchases increased. The results show that the population is adapting to the economic situation.

M-Pulse is a wave (longitudinal) study based on the real measurement of social sentiment. The mission of the project - operational monitoring of the impact of the current socio-economic situation on a person, his behavior, plans and expectations. The results of the survey are available in weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual formats. For the complete results of the study you can send an E-mail: m-pulse@romir.ru.

The methodology

The sample represents the population of Russian cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants (by sex, age, federal district and type of locality). The tracking is carried out on the basis of the consumer panel Romir with the participation of only verified respondents.

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