OTM increase average cheque by 32%

17 April 2024

Research holding ROMIR and Fix Price, a chain of low fixed price shops, have studied consumer behavior in relation to own trade marks (OTM). The relevant results were presented at the holding's annual conference “Revival of Meanings”.

The analysis, based on the ROMIR Unified Data Dashboard, showed that over the past four years, the share of OTM presence in a shopper's wallet has almost doubled - from 5.2% in 2019 to 10.1% in 2023. The percentage of penetration (audience) of OTM has also changed: in February 2021, 97.8% of Russians bought own-brand products, while in 2023 this figure is 98.7%. 

Buyers from different regions show interest in the company's own products. The highest penetration rate in the FMCG segment came from residents of the Central and Urals Federal Districts, the Volga region and Siberia (above 99%). In Moscow and St. Petersburg this indicator reached 100%, and the minimum indicator was in the Far East (88.3%). 

This trend is confirmed by the data provided by Fix Price. Thus, in 2023, the company's OTMs accounted for the same number of sales as big brands; for comparison: in 2022, the chain's products lagged behind the well-known brands by 10%. 

As the study shows, adding OTM to the basket can increase the average cheque by 32% - from 599 to 790 rubles. This is primarily due to an increase in the number of SKUs in a customer's cheque. A more affordable price for own-brand goods provokes the buyer to put in the basket, for example, two or three packages of OTM products instead of one package of branded products.

“OTM is gaining popularity, expanding the number of presence categories, penetrating even such sensitive segments as, for example, children's goods. A certain trust is being formed towards OTM. This shows that today the buyer is not only closing his need for rational consumption, but also finding new product solutions,” says Anastasia Sidorina, Client Service Director of ROMIR Holding.

Customers favor OTM in such categories as frozen (39%) and tinned (35%) fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and chilled semi-finished products (22%). The least popular categories were nuts and drinks, at 7% each respectively. At Fix Price, where about 60 OTM brands are represented, the most popular products were beauty accessories (Lovely brand), Christmas decor (Snow Lace) and home and kitchen products (Okitchen and BonHome). 

“People always come to Fix Price for something new, “treasure hunting”. It's not just about the price, but also about the fact that the customer comes to the shop and sees something new and unique. We work to ensure that every time in our shop you can be surprised by both low fixed prices and unexpectedly interesting assortment. Among other things, OTMs help us to consolidate and develop this uniqueness,” says Ekaterina Goncharova, Fix Price's communications director. 


* The unified ROMIR data panel is based on the consumption data of 40,000 Russians, 15,000 households in 240 cities and towns, representing the purchasing and consumer behavior of residents across Russia. Panelists scan QR codes of cheques and record electronic receipts for all purchased goods and services. The results of scanning in online mode are fed into the panel's database.  

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