Romir: happiness is wening

24 January 2023

Research holding Romir and independent research organizations that are members of the Gallup International Association have assessed the level of people's happiness according to their own assessment. Despite anxiety about the future, most of the inhabitants of the Earth say that they are rather happy. However, their share is declining compared to last year.

At the end of 2022, more than half of respondents (54%) in different countries of the world consider themselves quite happy or very happy. This is 2 p.p. less than a year earlier. On the contrary, 13% consider themselves unhappy to some extent.

According to the “happiness index” (the difference between happy and unhappy), the Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia, and Afghanistan are in the lead. European countries showed a less positive result. However, the most unfortunate countries are scattered around the world: Iraq, Armenia, Kenya, Argentina, Turkey and Moldova.

In Russia, 44% of respondents consider themselves happy people, and 14% say they are dissatisfied with their lives. Last year, 41% of Russians called themselves happy to some extent, and 23% said they consider themselves unhappy.

President Romir Andrey Milekhin:

“The geographical diversity of answers about the level of happiness confirms that everyone has their own ideas about happiness in the world and depends on the historical and cultural characteristics of the development of society. In addition, people tend to evaluate their well-being in comparison, with neighbors, with history or their own concept of justice".

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