Romir: Most Russians prefer China as an economic partner for their country

02 October 2022

Research holding Romir analyzed the dynamics of Russian residents’ attitude towards international economic partners.

According to national Russian research in 2022, China is the undisputed leader among Russia's potential economic partners. The majority of Russians (54.3%) would prefer China as their country's economic partner. 9.9% consider the European Union to be a good economic partner. The share of Russians who want to see the United States as an economic partner is 5.4%.

The older the generation, the greater the share of those who support economic partnership with China. Among the digital generation, 44.7% consider China as an economic partner, while people over 60 choose this country in 56.7% of cases.

Geographically, Russians are in solidarity in choosing an economic partner; the greatest interest in cooperation with China is shown by residents of the Ural Federal District.

A third of Russians in 2022 did not choose any country as an economic partner. The highest share of uncertainty is among young people - 36.7%.

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