Romir: Russians are waiting for the return of imported household appliances

10 April 2022

As part of the M-Pulse research project, Romir experts analyzed the attitudes of Russians toward foreign brands after some of them suspended or limited their activities in Russia. According to the results of the fifth wave of research Russians expect the return of imported brands of home appliances (56%) and cars (50%) more than other products. By the end of March, the number of those wishing to resume sales of foreign clothing and footwear brands increased (51%).

At the same time, 41% do not want foreign beer producers to return to store shelves. The number of those who do not support the return of food outlets (39%) and spirits (37%) also prevails.

*M-Pulse is a wave (longitudinal) study based on the real measurement of public sentiment. The mission of the "M-Pulse" project is operational monitoring of the impact of the current socio-economic situation on people, their behavior, plans and expectations. Results of the research are available in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual formats. For the full results of the study you can refer to



The tracking is based on the Romir Consumer Scan Panel with the participation of verified respondents. The sample represents the population of Russian cities with a population of more than 10 thousand people (by gender, age, federal district and type of settlement).


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