Romir: the share of FMCG goods in the structure of all household expenses increased in June

25 July 2022

Romir regularly calculates the monthly FMCG Index, an indicator showing the dynamics of the share of household spending on food and non-food categories of consumer goods in the structure of all household expenses.

In June, FMCG goods accounted for 47% of Russians' spending. This is 5.2% more than in May. Compared to the same period last year, the index is higher by 0.2%.

“The share of FMCG in the shopping cart recovers in June. In May, we see a decrease in the share to 44%, which was due, on the one hand, to the trend towards savings, on the other hand, to the May holidays, during which the focus of the buyer shifts towards spending on leisure. In June, the behavior stabilizes, which leads to the current value of the index,” said Ksenia Paizanskaya, director of the M-Romir direction.

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