Romir/M-Holding research: results of 2022 for the three leaders of the fast food market

01 March 2023

The research holding "Romir" (part of "M-Holding") analyzed how the purchasing behavior of Russians changed towards the most popular fast food restaurants (QSR) in 2022: Tasty, KFC, Burger King.

In total, the top three fast food restaurants maintained turnover in 2022 (compared to 2021, turnover increased by 1%). However, the number of visits at the same time decreased by 16% in annual dynamics, which indicates an increase in prices or the average receipt.

Russians spend more money in these restaurants on weekdays (65.7%). Both in 2021 and in 2022, a large proportion of buyers are population representatives of the middle-income group (53%). Also, the majority of respondents (40.5%) are adults aged 45 and older. Their share remained almost unchanged during the year, but the number of young people among QSR customers has decreased by 12.6%.

The market leader is still "Tasty", this restaurant chain is visited by 37.4% of Russians. The chain almost managed to maintain penetration compared to 2021, when the brand McDonald’s was functioned (38,5%). Meanwhile, KFC (32.9%) and Burger King (24.3%) have increased their audience amid a difficult year.

The main dish in fast food restaurants is burgers, they account for a third of Russians' expenses in QSR. At the same time, the most popular in Russia is the classic cheeseburger and chickenburger. Next in popularity are French fries (12%) and rolls (9%).

“Despite the crisis time, the fast pace of life remains, people are trying to save money, but are not ready to deny habitual. There is a demand for availability, service speed, relaxed atmosphere, guaranteed taste and expected quality. Fast food restaurants are just covering these needs," noted Ksenia Paizanskaya, senior customer relationship director of Romir.

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