Russians are helped to cope with stress by walks, food and communication with their friends

04 May 2023

According to the regular study "M-Pulse"* Russians were helped to cope with stress in March this year by walks in the fresh air, communication with friends and delicious food. The first option was considered effective by 43% of citizens who participated in the study, the second - 39%, and the third - 33%.
Other popular ways of coping with stress among Russians are spending time with animals (25%), proper nutrition and taking dietary supplements (24%), working out (17%), shopping (14%) and visiting a psychologist (11%).
Only 14% of respondents prefer to cope with stressful situations with the help of alcohol.
* "M-Pulse" is a Romir’s project aimed at operationally measuring the impact of the current socio-economic situation on a person, his behavior, plans and expectations. The results of the study are available in weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual formats.


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