Russians endorse the limitation of gadget access for children

16 December 2019

The majority of Russians (54%) stated that parents should control children’s access to different gadgets and 18% of the respondents argued against such measures. 17% of Russian suppose that children shouldn’t use any gadgets. Almost a half of the respondents (43%) believes that having a double account for tracking children’s Internet behavior is an acceptable measure, and 25% believes that it’s a necessity. Only 19% of our compatriots track the movement of their children.

Romir research holding within the national October poll asked the respondents several questions about the role of gadgets in parents-children relationships. Russians were asked to evaluate the necessity of children’s usage of gadgets and answer the questions on the efficiency of controlling for children’s lives via different devices. According to the survey findings, the majority of Russians shares the opinion on the limited access to such gadgets for children but argues against the surveillance on children.

Thus, the majority of Russians (54%) believes that parents should limit the access of their children to different devices. Only 18% stated that parents should give up such childrearing practice. And 17% share the opinion that children shouldn’t use any gadgets.

The next question concerns the using of a parent double account which allows to track any websites which their children visit. So, 43% of the respondents believe that such kind of control is acceptable enough but is not necessary. One in four Russians (25%) has a positive attitude towards this method and even has it down as a necessity. Moreover, one in five respondents (19%) doesn’t buy into the idea that it is decent to track the Internet-behavior of your children.

Besides, 60% of Russians don’t track the Internet behavior of their children. 39% of the respondents, vice versa, prefer to control their children via double accounts and 14% of them regularly do this.

Speaking about another kind of children control – geo-tracking of children’s moving, much less share of the respondents told about the actual method usage. So, only 19% of Russians track the moving of their children via different devices and apps. One third of the respondents (31%) doesn’t track it at this moment but is going to do it in the nearest future. 43% of the pollees don’t track their children’s online behavior and haven’t such plans.

Andrey Milekhin, the president of Romir and Doctor of Sociological Sciences, comments on the results: “Safety is one of the most important values for Russians, let alone children: many parents are ready to sacrifice private space of children for their safeguarding. That’s why gadgets and apps which help to control the Internet behavior of children have become more popular from year to year”.

*The poll surveyed 1500 people aged from 18 and older, residing in all types of cities and villages in all federal districts. The sample represents the adult population of Russia.


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