The majority of Russians aren’t worried about the absence of sanction products on the shelves

03 September 2018

Products on the shelf

Both those who endorse countersanctions and argue against it have an issue with the quality of goods under the import substitution.

Four years ago Russia imposed a grocery embargo on the import of some products from the USA, EU countries, Canada, Australia and Norway in response to anti-Russian sanctions.

Romir research holding conducted a survey in order to find out the attitude of the society toward the countersanctions and related changes in regular grocery basket.

It has been found that only 24% of the respondents have felt a scarcity of food. 76% of the respondents stated that they don’t worry about the deficiency of products from the USA and other countries which have impose sanctions against Russia.

That said, the quality of products which replaced the sanction ones is unacceptable for almost a half of the respondents – 45%. Further, 55% stated that they are satisfied with the quality of food, appeared under the import substitution.

The share of dissatisfied people appeared to be predictably higher among those who have felt a scarcity of food — 68%. That said, 32% mentioned that the quality of products which replaced the sanction ones rose to the occasion.

Broadly speaking, 55% of the respondents endorsed the prolongation of the grocery embargo. 45% pitched against it.

  • It is remarkable that more than one-third (35%) of those who claimed the scarcity of food, however, endorsed responsive restrictive measures, — noticed Valeriya Raevskaya, Head of ad-hoc department.

The inverse ratio is among the people who don’t feel any scarcity — 61% endorsed the countersanctions. However, even in this category 39% stated that it seemed preferable not to prolongate the grocery embargo, in spite of the fact that they have zero problems.

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Romir is the largest Russian private holding specializing in marketing, media and socio-economic surveys. The company has its own large regional network in Russia and countries of former Soviet Union. Romir is an exclusive representative of Gallup International, the international research association, in Russia and CIS countries with the research geography over 50 countries.

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