The Russians have chosen their favorite number

26 October 2023

If you have been asked to name any number from 1 to 10, which one will you choose? Most likely the number is "7". It was her 38% of Russians who called her favorite, according to the Romir study* conducted jointly with the brand of all-Russian state lotteries "National Lottery".

The second place in popularity was taken by the figure "5" - it was chosen by 32% of respondents, and on the third - the symbolically the figure "3" (23%). The five Russians favorites also included the numbers "8" and "9" Interestingly, women more often than men called "7" their favorite number - so said 43% of the women surveyed, and men could not decide, giving an equal number of votes to the numbers "7" and "5" - 31% each.

In terms of age, the figure "7" is especially popular among young people from 18 to 24 years old (40%) and the older generation of 45-59 years old (45%). Residents of the Southern and North Caucasus Federal Districts most often indicated their favorite number "7" (48%), but residents of the Ural and Volga districts do not agree with the general statistics, the majority named "5" as their favorite number (35% and 39%, respectively). The survey also showed that most often Russians use only certain numbers in passwords (25%) and when choosing lottery tickets (22%). At the same time, 22% of survey participants noted that their favorite numbers were those that are consonant with important dates in their lives - birthdays, wedding date, etc.

"The favorite numbers of Russians turned out to be very symbolic. Many people associate the seven with luck, as well as the three. It is worth at least remembering the combination of these figures in The Queen of Spades. And in general, these are just beautiful numbers.

Therefore, it is not surprising how our compatriots subconsciously make their digital choice," explains Inna Karaeva, Executive Director of the research holding. 

"The number 7 really accompanies us everywhere: seven wonders of the world, seven notes, seven days of the week. In some countries, the seven is a lucky number that brings good luck. We don't know about them, but in our Dreamtallion lottery during the year the number "7" fell 39 times. At the same time, from the numbers from 1 to 10, a ball with the number 9 (40 times) most often fell out of the lottotron. So we can say that he is happier than the number 7 for our players," the press service of the National Lottery said.

*The survey was conducted on the basis of the Romir Consumer Scan Panel, 1.5 thousand Russians over 18 years of age took part in it according to a representative sample. "National Lottery" (a new brand of state lotteries organized by the Ministry of Finance of Russia) carries out activities aimed at the development of the Russian lottery market.

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