Trust rating of Russian retailers

17 November 2021

Romir presents the seventh unique rating of business reputation of retailers present on the territory of Russia. The results of the study demonstrate the attitudes of Russians toward chain stores according to two main characteristics: visibility and trust.

This year, the top-rating of appreciability again went to Pyaterochka (96% of the respondents know the company), Magnit (95%) and FixPrice (94%). Lenta (90%), Auchan (84%) and Krasnoe i Beloe (84%) also showed high results and retained their places in the rating.                                                                   

"Against the background of the unstable macroeconomic situation, there is a transformation of buying behavior. The buyer strengthens the savings mode, but his requirements to the range and quality of goods in the network are increasing. People are in search of the best price-quality ratio, convenience and comfort of shopping are of great importance. That's why retailers are now engaged in serious competition for people. Despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, retailers are expanding the geography of their presence, increasing market expansion. As a result, the level of networks' visibility is very high now, and our rating demonstrates it," comments Anastasia Sidorina, head of the client group of Romir Research Holding.

With regard to the trust rating, according to the results of the trust index of Russians, the top three are Pyaterochka (86 points - 1st place), FixPrice (84 points - 2nd place), Lenta (83 p.p. - 3rd place). Next comes Magnit (82 p.p. - 4th place). Fifth place is shared by Auchan and Perekrestok (80 p.p.).

The trust index is based on the difference between the shares of respondents having a positive and negative attitude to a particular chain. As Anastasia Sidorina pointed out, the index shows to what extent a network meets the needs of the involved buyers, and how successful the targeted work of the network with the target audience is: "This year there is a change in the order of players in the trust rating. FixPrice is emerging as a leader, pushing Magnit and Lenta aside. A wide assortment range, high level of quality, comfort of shopping, convenient location and the best price offer lead to the fact that customers are satisfied with the store and are willing to trust it. In addition to a set of basic values in retailing the importance of additional values that the store can create for its customers' increases. By focusing on the complex picture of customer needs, chains increase customer loyalty," says Anastasia Sidorina.


The research is conducted according to the international methodology GRI (Global Reputation Index), applied worldwide.

In order to study the reputation of Russian retailers, the study participants were asked to indicate in questionnaires what their opinion of the companies included in the rating is: positive, negative or they are not familiar with the company and its products.

* There were 1,500 respondents in the study. The sample represents the urban population and the structure of the population of the Russian Federation by gender, age, federal districts and type of urban settlements over 10 thousand people.


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