What is the opinion of Russians about Chinese cars?

23 November 2020

November 2020

Three in four (76%) car owners are aware of Chinese car brands:

  • Chery (30%), Lifan (21%) and Geely (18%) lead the list of unaided awareness of brands.
  • 24% of the car owners could not recall any Chinese car brands.
  • 20% do not differentiate between Korean and Japanese car brands and falsely assume those to be Chinese brands.
  • 7% of those, who recall Chery, associate it with Chery Tiggo.
  • 49% of the respondents who named Great Wall associate it with the Hover model. Moreover, this brand has a higher level of awareness among residents of the Central Federal District (15% vs. 8% in total).

Data source: «Romir», November 2020


Ownership satisfaction:

  • There aren’t any dissatisfied owners of Chinese cars.
  • 83% of the owners of Chinese cars are somewhat or fully satisfied with the use of their cars.
  • Among the top 10 car brands, 76% of the owners are somewhat or fully satisfied with their cars.
  • If we compare the Chinese brands and their principal competitors*, we will see that 42% of Chinese car owners and 58% of people who own other brands are satisfied with their vehicles.

Making her closing remarks on this matter, Client Service Director Lyudmila Fukova mentioned: «Chinese car brands gradually occupy their own niche on the Russian market by earning the confidence of the customers. Our research shows that all Chinese car owners are satisfied with its service to some extent. It means that developing clients’ loyalty and satisfaction can become one of the factors for increasing Chinese brands’ share within the Russian market».

* Hyundai, Renault, KIA, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen were taken as the competitors in the calculation of customer satisfaction.

The research involved 680 car owners aged 18-60 y.o., representing all types of cities and rural areas in all Federal Districts.


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