What Russians will ask Santa Claus for

02 December 2021

The Romir Research Holding, based on data from the Romir Consumer Scan Panel*, publishes the results of its regular survey of Russians' sentiment on the Eve of the New Year.

Romir has found out what presents Russians would ask Santa Claus for if they had the chance. Of all the wishes respondents were asked to choose only one, the priority answer. 64% of Russians would ask for a gift the health for themselves and their loved ones.

Other wishes would be written in a letter by 36%. Among them, preference is also given to non-material gifts.

Wishing happiness for the New Year would be 7% of Russians. Residents would also like to go on a trip (5%), spend the New Year with family (3%), and have a baby (3%). 2% of Russians dream about true love, and 2% would like to get married next year.

Among material gifts the leading one is earnings - 6% of respondents would like to earn more money next year. The most popular option among young people - 12% of respondents aged 18 to 25 years. As a gift, 5% of our compatriots want to get a new apartment or a house, and 2% - a car.

In general, young people aged 18 to 25 more often chose material gifts, while among people aged 36-45 there are more of those who would like to get non-material things for the New Year.

Romir has been analyzing Russians' New Year wishes for five years. In previous years, the most important presents from Santa Claus for Russians have also been health, happiness, and material well-being, with health always in the lead.

*Romir Consumer Scan Panel household survey, representing Russians in cities with populations of 10,000 or more.


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